czwartek, 6 sierpnia 2009

BEHEMOTH "Ov fire and the void" just released - I was 69th viewer!

Kostiumy, charakteryzacja, casting na cześć Aktorów (w tym świnię) -> lewicka
[uncensored version, deleted from]

I had a great pleasure to work for this video as a "muff-powdering person" (quotation from "making of the video" comments). All costumes & make-ups (except from the band's usual performance look) were done with my clumsy hands, and I am surprised myself watching the result now.
I would love to thank to my lovely ANGEL, Kamila Baczyk - a great model and a lovely person, incarnated beauty not only in terms of body features, but also in her mind.
Thanks to Iza playing fat lady (can you believe normally she is 36 size and all that fat was an FX? You cannot... damn, you are right!), to Mucha and Shazza as damned souls and to the interwieved pig for answering my casting call.
Regards to Behemoth "Ov fire and the void" main actress Ola - Aleksandra Hamkało. I really enjoyed working with Ola and I am looking forward to take care of her look again (next week hopefully!).
Big thanks and respect to Darek & Rafał Szermanowicz and all GRUPA#13 crew for their patience and tolerance to my way of being and working.
Thanks to Behemoth for having their minds screwed enough to praise such a morbid script idea, and letting some fancy creatures shoot through the freakshow of my poor head.